The Vendor Review

Have you ever felt clueless about where to begin and who to hire for your wedding? Cause I do 2+ years ago, and I feel you. With this post here, I hope that it can help a sister/ brother out. Its going to be a long one, grab a snack!
Disclaimer: These reviews that I’m about to write are all solely based on what I experienced with each of them personally and it may differ from yours. 
Vynella Weddings & Events
I would have scored them a 3, in all honesty, but all in all they do deserve a 4. Vynella covers my venue, decor, food, entertainment (DJ) and be the middle person to liaise with my favours/ berkat vendor (Ole Ole Manis – to be elaborated later). Invitation cards and wedding cake are in the all in one package as well, but I dealt with the vendors separately and not through Vynella.
Venue + Decor:
Begonia ballroom + its 3 adjacent rooms provided by Downtown East was exceptional! Decor by Vynella was also done to a T!
Communications with Ella was smooth and delivery was executed just as I suggested. Altho the all in one package wasnt all Vynella’s, the vendors she outsourced it all to were all realtively on par with Vynella’s standards.
Caterer wasn’t known to us throughout but it wasn’t something critical. We put our full trust on Ella since we’ve taste-tested their food during Quartz Begonia. Alhamdulillah, food was sufficient till the end of the event, tho we received a mixture of food quality reviews from our guests – mainly for the tenderness of the meats and mee soto.
We catered a small amount of vegetarian food for my mother’s Veg friends from Green Delights. Ella was nice enough to provide us with buffet trays. However, in the early part of the event, there were some misunderstanding and there were no proper signages for vegetarian food. Guests started taking blindly cause the catered mains from Vynella wasnt up in full swing yet. In fact, signages and food labels for the Vegetarian food were all done and given to Ella the week prior to my event. But apparently these signages and food labels were nowhere to be found.
Favours/ Berkat:
Direct discussion with them were only during Quartz Begonia. They’re based in Malaysia and were easy to talk to, they were open to new ideas and of course, willingly, accepted my MIL’s request. However, communications were all through Ella thereafter – which we felt could have been better if we were to liaise with them personally.
My MIL’s request of roasted cashews and almonds in a jar was filled up halfway (following the $3/berkat budget) but presented well with dolly paper, ribbons and tags. For the tags, I only received it 10 days before the event. Ella sent the artwork on the left with “ur berkat tag”.
One word, disappointed. Compromised but glad that she was able to accept and use my “bunga rampai tags” instead (right).
Nazira did our invitation cards as blogged here. Dealing with her was a breeze, yes. But I find that she could be more approachable and would give her clients a proper heads up before sending the cards for printing. The cards received were of good postcard quality, but the envelopes were a let down. It was too sheer that if I didnt use another paper to paste the receiver’s name and address over, you could see the card details.
estee-cakesEstee Cakes
Esteefa is a gem! She gave me lots of suggestions and managed to change my perception of fondant. I wanted to be more adventurous by tweaking the cake flavours and filling a little, but never once did she ever say no, she gave constructive criticisms instead which made me realise the risk that I’m taking.
 Overall, she executed my cake design beautifully and the flavour was top notch, just nice!
And the cake topper as seen above, was done by, Nina, the petite lady of Tweexislittlebooth! Dealing with her was a breeze too. She took my feedback positively and even went the extra mile to change the fonts as the first draft didn’t turn out as well. I shouldn’t be complaining for its quality with the price that I paid, but the thickness of the cake topper could have been thicker – I find it a little bit too flimsy. Could have scored a 3 but love how my package came customised with my name as big as the envelope, handwritten – plus point for effort on that!
Choo Choo Churros
This was a hot favourite! I heard there were never ending queues for their hot, fresh and sedap nak mampus churros!
It was so damn good that I ditched my plate of rice and ate almost 3/4 of churros that Efi handed over to us. Should have requested for a box for us to bring over to our outdoor photoshoot but its okay! Talking about it is making me crave for their churros. If you’re gonna engage CCChurros for your wedding, please invite me ok?
Fleurs by Spoleczny
Yati is another gem!!! Requested for my fav bloom to be incorporated to my bouquet – tho I know that it is not in its season, but did not really put my hopes up high. Submitted my moodboard and Yati requested for my outfits, and she will work out a palate based on my moodboards. Her work was magnificient, and she managed to get my fav bloom, anemone, too!!! Altho, its in a bright dark purple in colour, its still as beautiful!!!
MAJOR LOVE FOR THIS that I was finding hard to part with it for the other bouquet!
Nisa. She, was my saviour on my supposed henna night! She was recommended by a colleague of mine and accepted my plead to do my henna that very day and night – just that she’ll come at 10pm after she’s done with another client.
She was very meticulous and because of that I decided to go with the fully capped fingers. The stains were also brick red and not black, just the way I like it.
I would have given a pass for the good customer service, but all that were left with just words, but no action. Remember this post? Yes, I forgave her, as ultimately, family’s a priority. She willingly insist to transfer me back my deposit and asked for my bank account as its a fault on her end. But to date, nothing has been reimbursed. No, I’m not so hard up for the $25, but I’m just upset that she did not fully mean her words.
Akrab Kompang Services
It could have been a 5, but they were 10mins late, in which we had to wait at Aranda Country Club’s lobby for them.
But nonetheless, as always, the performance by Akrab boys were exceptionally phenomenal! Everyone loved it!
Just so sayang that they dint sing my favourite Aduhai!!!!! Ok, probably so that the walk from the lobby to the ballroom, is equivalent to the aduhai song, but isssokaaayyyyy.
Best Man Services
This was decided on our last fitting appointment with Ishq. Initially, we thought we could make do without a pak andam, and its just Ishq’s strategy, but after much thought, we decided to just place $400 on the table. Abg Yan was with my husband throughout before the nikah – got my husband ready and touched him up – and was with us throughout the whole event.

He gave us pointers on what to expect, how to react, and made sure we are ok and comfortable. It was a decision, that we never regret taking!



This one another saviour!!! We were very honest with him about our previous photography vendor and he was very professional about it. Promised only 1 photographer, but he made sure another shot my husband while he was getting ready, so it was fair and the other photographer stayed till after our second entrance, score! He knows his stuff and never wasted any time! Taking our outdoor photoshoot as an example, he knows the way through Coney Island. Followed his route, found the spot, pose, and move on to the next!
We just left it to him and we were in awe! Photo quality in albums, frames and CDs live up to our expectations as well. THANK YOU SHAHDAN and FIR! Wonderpickher really does wonders! Should you want to view pictures, its up on their website, here!


Ishq by Nora Zee
Of course, I had to save the best for the last! My awesome duo MUA, Kak Nora, and Kak Siti was the bombbbb! I felt comfortable right from the start at 7:30 in the morning till the event ends at 5! Kak Nora stayed till we had our lunch and my face got to feel the wonders of her hand, twice. Thereafter, it was left in the good hands of Kak Siti who was equally as awesome till the end.

With so much unfortunate events/ “nasib kentang” moments even till the morning of my wedding, I was VERY worried if it will run smoothly. It literally showed on my face and even Kak Nora noticed it while she was doing my make-up. But I felt so thankful for these beautiful hearted individuals that never stop reminding me, “Dont worry about anything, let everyone else settle it for you. You just have to look pretty and have fun, thats all that matters!” Make-up was on point, outfits were exceptional, service was outstanding, choose Ishq!

2 weeks as Mrs! 

I can now properly say hello to everyone cause you can finally put a face to A and F of Route2wed! 

Alhamdulillah, everything went smoothly 2 weeks ago and we recently just got back from our honeymoon. Life after marriage have been nothing but blissful. The love we received from everyone was overwhelming ❤️

I’ve also been planning and will put up my wedding vendor(s) review soon. I have since publicise my blog yet again too! So hi everyone (again)!! 


Heart shattered! 

I received this message at 2am in the morning. Imagine being half asleep and having to read this message. 

I couldnt sleep thinking about this. I kept my fingers crossed as I typed down a.r.t.s.y.a.t.e.l.i.e.r in the IG’s search bar. To be brutally honest, I find her works mediocre. If you’ve read my post on the decision I made – who to engage to be my henna artist – you’d know why I got her. She gave me the confidence that she’ll be able to execute what I’ve always envisioned just by her works on IG. 

I poured myself out in a reply to her this morning. But ultimately, I do sympathise her sickly great grandmother and also understood that family stands over anything else. I shall just hope that the replacement would still do her best tonight!

Moving on, I’ve had my fair share of testiments where He showed me that His plans are the best. Afterall, henna is just a small little part of the weddjng that WILL NOT break our wedding. 

Only that it’ll stay with me for approximately 2-3 weeks la. Its fine…. Its fine….. 😌



Yes! Final fitting with ISHQ ealier today!

Our appt was at 2pm, and there was another couple when we walked in. They were there for their outfit selection. We had to wait for quite abit cause the guy was abit plus sized and Lina was kind enough to let him try on some baju kurung and suits. And there was only one fitting room in their studio also. Actually we had to wait for the seamstress, Cik Ati, to arrive anw, so we just mind our business and look at the couple’s choices of outfits. 

After Cik Ati arrived and settled down, we went straight to business. I tried on my sanding outfit first and it got stuck at my hips area! We then tried putting it on bottom-up, it fits like a glove! No alterations needed for this one at all! I was quite amazed eh – like its made just for me gitu HAHAHA! F dint try on his sanding outfit at the same time but after we were done with mine. Thinking back, we should have la, but nvm, save it for the actual day where we’ll wear sedondon mcm pinang dibelah dua. NAK JUGAK HAHAHA

Tried on my cake cutting outfit next and this needed lots of alterations.  Cik Ati pinned it down to my size and kept checking my comfort level. She took photos of those important areas that needs to be altered too, but in the process she kept shaking her phone. When asked why, she said because the phone memory dah full, so kene tunggu jap. Dalam hati, I was like, how will that work, Cik Ati?! You so funny la! 

After we’re done with mine, it was F’s turn. He tried on the baju kurung first but it was small for him. Cik Ati had to bukak the dats on the baju while F tried on the suit first. He wore it with a batik shirt underneath instead of a normal white/ plain coloured shirt and he looks so good!! I wanted him to go for the dapper look with cuffed pants and all but member taknak. So ok lor, as long as he looks equally good, im fine with it! Finally, F tried on his baju kurung and we just realise that his shoulders are lop-sided HAHAHA mcm he pump on one shoulder aje which was so funny! Cik Ati pinned down whereever necessary and we were done! After doingthe final payment, Abang Hafiz, NZ’s husband dropped by. He went through with us our wedding itinerary one more time and what we should take note of. He even encouraged F to engage a pak andam so that his whole ensemble is being taken care of by the expert. They (Cik Ati & Abang Hafiz) even went the extra mile of providing a samping “tali pinggang” which was closest to our own songket samping to loan and aid F when he’s trying to put his samping together! 

Now, I cant wait for the 2nd to get all glam up by NZ! 

We’re down to 5 days! 



I’ve never had problems with my skin during my younger days – read: sec school days after hitting puberty. My skincare regime then only consists of cleansing my face with Clean&Clear daily cleanser. It was all good until my skin started breaking out after they changed the formula of the product. I went au naturale thereafter – yes, just water. It wasnt that bad still cause I wasnt wearing make-up.

One day, my mum signed me up for NY Skin Solutions free facial trial. She thought that they could somehow help me with my skin, at least a little bit pun jadi la. But, it was terrible! The pre-facial consultation was more of them hard-selling to take up their facial packages. Of course we didnt! Then came the facial itself. IT WAS THE MOST PAINFUL EXPERIENCE EVER. When my mum saw my face post-facial, she was shocked like really shock. There were red spots all over from the brutal extraction that she did! It was stinging as well. Went home depressed and thought about how i should deal with it. It doesnt help when I’m starting poly soon too. I decided to get hold of some concealer and conceal as much as I can. That was the most I could do.

My aunt then recommended me a topical solution to be applied on affected areas – Dalacin-T. I got hold of one from a pharmacy across the border and apply it on every night. It has a strong smell and would sting for awhile, but once its dried up, its all good. I wasnt thinking of anything else, I just wanted to clear this skin of mine. I started using for awhile and notice the difference. But i was still unsatisfied.

I got hold of the much-raved SK-II FTCL + FTE and used this 3 combination together. It clears up my skin pretty well and this, my friends, is years of hardwork.cg5cgavuyaebxerActually the first picture is after 3 bottles of Dalacin-T. Before that, the red spots were hills and mountains of yellowish-white pus waiting to escape its way out of my skin. I look horrendous, I kid you not.

After my skin more or less cleared up, I had pimples appearing occasionally every now and then – it frequents when the time of the month is close. But about a month ago, I broke out like crazy. I dont know why, but I ran out of Dalacin-T and only had my SK-II to depend on. 2 weeks past and no massive improvements.

I tried to find other solution and paid Body Shop a visit to check out their tea-tree range. They gave me the anti blemish daily solution and tea tree oil sample to try. Tried that night and I actually felt that its does what it promised. A day and I can see the spots fading, a tiny weeny bit. Went back the following day to make my purchase and I have been using it for a week now. Although the smell of the tea-tree oil is quite strong, it doesnt really bother me.

That week also, I received an advance birthday email treat from ShakuraPigmentationBeauty (SPG) – a 1x Shakura Pigmentation Facial Therapy +4-pc Home Care Treatment Kit (Includes 3 Skin Refining Masks + 1 Deep Cleansing Milk) . Sounds promising right? Without thinking, I filled in the form and waited for their call. A lady called back and asks which day I’m free to come down to the selected outlet. It was scheduled last Saturday. As usual, I had to read reviews first before going down. I dont want to experience the same like NYSS. But turns out, it would be the same. On that very same day, I decided to ditch SPG and set and appointment with Spa by Norfasarie. I dint inform SPG that I’m not going and they called me almost 10 times! Ok la serve me right, but that just shows how persistent they are. Thank god, I went with my gut-feeling and ditch them, dont want to risk my face a week shy to the wedding!

The facial with Spa by Norfasarie was top notch! I couldnt find a single fault from when I first enter the spa till I step out of the spa. I called in at 1020 and asked if they can fit a slot in for me that day. I was scheduled at 2pm for facial + ear candling. Reached the spa, filled in the form and was asked whether I wanted to settle the payment first. From here I know that there wont be any additional top-ups asked during my treatment which was good! Greeted by one of their therapists, Izzati, and she asked me to take off my tudung and lie down. She then lay warm towels over me and started cleansing, exfoliating, steaming, extracting, misting and mask-ing. After applying the mask, she proceeded with ear candling, thereafter, cleansing my face again. My skin never felt so soft and clean before! And the extraction was such a breeze! It was still painful but at least I dint leave the spa with horrible looking red spots all over my face!

I stayed away from my body shop tea tree anti-blemish daily solution and oil after the facial, and depend solely on my Bioderma and SK-II for the weekend. I am back on my normal regime back again today. And to aid in clearing up my skin, I have been going bare-faced to work also, even my brows! Embracing the sparse eyebrows and less-spotty face! 13 more days to go!



14339810_10205483517847402_283903066_oAlmost the 3rd week since we collected our Nikah outfit with RN. I just got the time to write something about it.I shall just rate them and explain further from there.

Service: 7/10
I chose to believe that it was his assistant all this while that we have been liaising with from the start. The messages exchanged were straight to the point and he meant business. What I felt could have been better was the content of the message that he sends out. I received a “Hi your baju is ready for first fitting on (date) at (time). See you there!” No questions asked, I just replied with “Ok, noted with thanks! See you!” When we reached RN’s studio, RN asked if I brought along my heels cause he added the length inclusive of heels as well. Ok, I blame myself also la for being absent-minded. But yknow, there is so much on your mind that the last thing you could think of is bringing your heels for first fitting. And when he mentioned first fitting, in my mind I thought it meant that we need to come by again as it wasnt fully ready, but no, everything was done even the fine details like beadings and all. For RN personally, I couldnt find any fault. For the 2 times we drop by his studio, he was very warm and extra friendly and the part where he accommodated to my request was an extra bonus! 

Design: 7/10
I would have given him lower but because he accommodated to my wants, and followed closely to what I was envisioning, I scored him a 7. If you have read my experience with him, you would have known that he initially drew a dress straightaway. I was the one who requested it to be two pieced. But how was it executed? The overall dress was fine, just that I am anal about the finer details. It was not two-pieced – It looked like one but its one-pieced. I was the only female in his studio when I tried on the dress and it took me quite awhile to get myself in the dress. Now more to the finer details like laces and beadings. The laces and beading on the front part of the dress was satisfactory but it could have been better from the neck to chest area. And remember how RN said he would add fake buttons at the back of my dress? This was a disappointment. It was just pearls lined across my back. But ok la, I shall take it positively, at least it matches with my wedding heels…..

Workmanship: 9/10
Overall, I was satisfied with this the most. Good workmanship = Comfortable. There was even a little bit (at least 2cm) of leeway from where it was sewn. That means I can still grow a little bit more, do some alterations and I’m good! Of course, I would love to remain in this figure la, but who am I kidding right? Hahaha

For F’s baju kurung, it was pretty straightforward, how wrong can a baju kurung be right? Ok, it can go pretty wrong also la. But thank god, it didnt. It fits him perfect! And since samping was not included, we had to source for one. We were looking at songket ones and of course the ones at Joo Chiat are expensive! We ordered from an IG seller from Malaysia and got them to send over at one of my relative’s place.
14316065_10205483517807401_213806620_oCant wait to see it personally once they come down in a week’s time!

All this ratings are based on what I felt they deserve personally. I believe it differs for different people/ couple. What I can say is do not expect the extraordinary 🙂


Sea you there? 

We’ve been going back and forth on a particular destination, counting back all our finances to make sure we still have savings after the whole vendor and honeymoon payout. Of course we had to put out our IDEAL honeymoon destination on hold since we’re less than a month shy from the departure date and prices are crazy high. Gotta put the blame on the crazy wedding overhaul that we were stressing on, sigh. But all’s good, cause we finally agreed on another place where we would equally spend quality time and have places to explore together. It was a close bet between two major different city/ country of different culture(s) but we set our heart on……… Phuket!

Mainly for its islands, the blue sea and oceans, the view and of course, the food! Who doesnt love a bowl authentic thai tom yum?! We’ll be spending slightly more than a week there and staying at 2 different hotels/villas. We splurged abit more the first few nights at a hotel to recuperate from all the wedding preparation and tiredness from the event itself. Thereafter pivoting the focus on exploring the islands and etc. as soon as we check into the villa.

Picking the hotel and villa for us was rather easy. The hotel was actually love at first sight. When i first chanced upon it on an ad, I told myself that I had to visit it one day. And when we finally decided on our honeymoon destination, I straightaway took the opportunity to make sure F agrees on it too. He was hesistant at first due to the price (cause I wanted to stay there for the whole duration stay) But we compromised and we booked it for the first quarter of our honeymoon! Yayyyyyy!


The next one was a villa we chanced upon on Dallilah’s instagram. We were torn between SALA resort and this particular one but we went with the latter asto save cost –  It is VERY AFFORDABLE!!!!


Flight tickets we also very competitive between various budget airlines. There was one going as low as $100 all in (after taxes, etc) but without checked baggage! But of course we cannot do without the checked baggage. 

To get around Phuket, we also got ourselves a muslim private car driver! I did some reasearch and many recommended Po Him. Decided to drop him a whatsapp message and within an hour he called. Funny story! He thought we were already at Phuket and was very concerned that we werent able to get around! He even asked if he is able to get his friend to cover for him cause he’s flying on the 11th to Bangkok. When I told him its next month, then he slowed down and said ok confirm hahaha. Based on web recommendations, he would give a price but at the end of the day let you decide how much you want to give him. Dont know how mine would be, but when I asked about charges, he just brush it off. Lets just take it that its a good thing la ok. 

Now that everything is booked, I cant wait to just lounge, busk in the sun, dip in our private pool, stroll along the beach and binge on good authentic thai food without having to worry about a thing!